My Eyebrow Tinting Experience


If you are interested in beauty, you already know that the brow can make or break you.
Back when I was living in Maryland I always, always kept up with my brows, but I was never “wowed” by my brow shape, and filling them in was a constant struggle. Thankfully I have naturally thick brows. I never really considered getting my eyebrows tinted because of my natural thickness. 

When I moved to Norway I gave up on my brows for many reasons:
-The two men who I initially went to only did threading, which isn’t my favorite.
-The cost to get them threaded was 200 Norwegian Kroner ($25 USD)
-The times I did get them threaded they were NEVER even.

I couldn’t justify spending $25 to get my eyebrows threaded when I don’t even have a job here (we can save that for another post.) One of the spouses here recommended eyebrow tinting to me and set up an appointment for us to go. I was beyond nervous.

We went to the gorgeous Breta who does eyebrows out of her cute apartment in Stavanger, Norway. She spent a good 10 minutes drawing lines on our brows and measuring them to make sure that the shape was perfect. She then waxed the extra hairs. Yes waxed. So you know I was happy. She had a few different colors of tint to choose from. I went with a medium brown, where my friend Jennifer went with dark brown to match her hair color better. I was extremely satisfied with the results and with Breta who couldn’t have been nicer. 

The cost of the tinting treatments costs 250 KR which is about $32 USD. It’s still a lot more expensive than what you would expect in the states, but I feel much more comfortable spending $32 on this treatment that lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks and looks amazing, rather than spending $25 every two weeks to get my eyebrows threaded and be left unhappy each time.

Check out Breta’s work on her facebook page:

Here’s my before and after:


And here is Jennifer’s before and after:


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