I’m in Love with the Coco (floss)

Alright guys,

I’m super excited for this product review and if you’re anything like me you will be too!
I am obsessed with cleaning my teeth, a smile is the first thing I notice when I look at somebody. My daily routine consists of brushing my teeth, flossing, oil pulling with coconut oil and maybe once a week if necessary I will use crest white strips. It’s important to me to have great oral hygiene. I’ve never found a floss that I absolutely loved before. Recently I have settled with some off brand flossing sticks that I found on base. I was scrolling through facebook one day and found a link to the company Coco floss:



I decided to buy their promo package which came with two full-size boxes of floss and 6 small boxes. The flavors consisted of; coconut, orange, strawberry, and mint. Their packaging was flawless. It’s bright, fun, and very appealing, as you can see in the picture above.


Each full-size container of floss lasts up to 2 months, where the smaller boxes last up to 12 days. I was impressed with the diagram on the back of the container that shows you how many more days worth of floss you have left. Everybody loves products with clever packaging! Shown below is the 12-day floss (which is perfect for traveling) and the 2-month floss in their dispensers.

I am obsessed with the smell of coconut, so I chose that one to try first. I can honestly tell you that I fell in love. This floss was unlike any that I’ve ever tried. The thickness was perfect, there was absolutely no fraying of the floss which is a huge pet peeve of mine, there was no slippery feeling, also, it was also just a bit more abrasive which helped significantly with removing plaque. The smell and taste were phenomenal. My teeth were left feeling exceptionally clean. All of the flavors were great, coconut being my absolute favorite (although I am biased when it comes to coconuts,) I forced my husband and a few of our close friends to try the product as well. Lo and behold, they loved it too. My husband is a huge fan of the mint flavor!

Sherica also tried the floss, she loved the super cute and modern aesthetic appeal of the packaging. She also loved the transparency of the container so that she knows when to order more. However, what she loved most about the floss was the density, she said that when floss is too fine she does not feel like it is effective. The flavor was also a huge plus for her, she stated that it was not overwhelming whatsoever, it is subtle and delightful.

Cocofloss is made of polyester filaments infused with microcrystalline wax, coconut oil, essential oils, and aromas which give it the wonderful smell and taste. Everything about this product is 100% recyclable. From the packaging, all the way down to the floss itself, which is a huge plus.

Coco Floss was nice enough to offer our readers 15% off of their purchase at:
By using code: milso15

We hope you enjoy the products as much as we have! 


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