(Small) Beauty Haul

Hey, guys!!!
So I went on a little drug store (H&M actually) beauty binge today. It’s definitely not much, but everything is more expensive in Norway. I can’t wait to try everything out and let you guys know what’s great and what’s not.  So far I’ve used the Baby Lips lip gloss and I love it! It’s very subtle but does the job, it also has a very good scent and taste. I also got it on sale for 30 Kroner which was a total win. I also got the glitter mascara topcoat at 30 Kroner which is the main reason I bought it. After doing the conversions, I absolutely overspent on this haul. But it was definitely needed since I still don’t have all of my things here from the current move.

The Products:

-24 Karat NUDE pallet by Maybelline – 189 Kroner – $22.29 USD
-House of Lashes “bombshell” – 149 Kroner – $17.57 USD
– H&M Lash Applicator – 80 Kroner -9.44 USD
-H&M Lash Glue – 80 Kroner – $9.44 USD
-Baby Lips Lip Gloss in  Pink Pizazz – 30 Kroner – $3.54 USD
-Maybelline Highlighting Concealer in Ivory – 99 Kroner – $11.68 USD
-L’OREAL Volume Million Lashes Glitter Top Coat – 30 Kroner – $3.54 USD

Enjoy!!! ♥♥♥


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