Giveaway #1

Our team is super excited to be doing our first giveaway! If you haven’t followed our Instagram yet be sure to ASAP so you can take part in our next giveaway (Click on Instagram at the bottom of this page and it will take you right to our page.)

We will be picking three winners, one daily. So stay tuned! ♥♥♥

Winner #1- Melissa Wynn May 23, 2017
Enjoy your Deep Cleaning Mud Mask from THENA! And Congratulations on being our first ever Giveaway Winner 🙂

Winner #2- Maria Whitebird May 24, 2017
Enjoy your coconut milk and honey facial cleanser from Foxbrim 🙂

Winner #3- Meagan Timmons May 25, 2017
unnamed (11)
Enjoy your Mud Mask!

Thanks for all of the support with our first giveaway! It will only get bigger and better from here 🙂 


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