30 Minute Primark Haul

If you are tuning in from England, you already know all about the joys of Primark hauls. But for my followers back in the States, and Norway, prepare to have your mind blown. The best way I can describe Primark is by saying, it’s like Forever 21… On crack. With prices far cheaper than Marshalls, and even Burlington. I can easily say this is my new favorite store.

With three whole levels worth of the hottest buys, you can see how I was overwhelmed having only 30 minutes to shop until the store closed. But lo and behold, I managed to do a little damage. My wallet lucked out since I didn’t have time to make it to the third floor where they keep all the home goods. I’m secretly wishing we would have got stationed here so that I can have monthly Primark hauls.

Well, ladies and gents here’s the damage, and please excuse the quality of the photos. I did my best considering we’re staying at the on base hotel and I have nowhere cute to take the pictures:


How cute is this little makeup bag?! It is the perfect souvenir from my time in England. I snagged 2 of them because they were so cheap (3 pounds cheap.)

unnamed (1)

I know what you’re thinking… Why is she sharing her bra with us?… Well for one look how cute it is, and two because I was so surprised that they carried sizes for girls with larger boobs. I have the HARDEST time finding bras that fit me in Norway, so I was in heaven.

unnamed (3)

How cute is this workout shirt? The tank top itself is super cute, but the fact that it comes with a built-in sports bra just makes it 100x better. Especially considering it was only 7 pounds.

unnamed (4)

I am a SUCKER for baggy tee shirts. I am obsessed with this one specifically. It is so incredibly cozy. Excuse the wrinkles, I slept in it last night and took the photo this morning. This cost ONLY 3 Pounds, and now I’m kicking myself for not buying one in every color.

unnamed (8)

This was my most expensive purchase, but coming in at only 12 pounds I’m not complaining even a little bit. I’m super excited to wear these on my next Tampa trip when @angelaodell14 gets stationed there.

unnamed (5)

This is the perfect rain coat for living in Norway. It’s super light for the warmer days, it actually folds up to fit in your purse. It’s super convenient for your days downtown that turn bar nights.

unnamed (10)

You cannot beat these prices. I’ve been wanting to try the silicone sponge for awhile now, I couldn’t pass this buy up. 2 pounds for 2 sponges. This is unheard of.

unnamed (6)

How precious is this romper?? I’m obsessed. Especially for only 8 pounds.

unnamed (7)
I got this sweater to wear over the romper, because again, Norway is super unpredictable. It’s super simple and comfy, for only 7 pounds.

unnamed (9)
Last but not least these 2-pound sunnies. I snapped this photo pre-gym so excuse the makeupless selfie (see the new tank top???)

I’m super excited to share my very first Primark haul with you guys! How do you think I did with only 30 minutes? I’m already trying to plan my next trip back to England, cause your girl is in desperate need of more retail therapy.

What’s the best find you’ve ever found in Primark? Share in the comments 🙂



9 thoughts on “30 Minute Primark Haul

    • Kieraboo1021 says:

      That was my first time ever in the store. Their beauty section was actually pretty large, I just didn’t have enough time to look. I wish we had one in Norway! Thanks for the comment 💗 I’ll let you know how the sponges work!

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