Don’t Believe Me Just Swatch (Kylie Holiday Collection)

If you are interested in makeup and beauty then I’m sure you have heard about Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line, and if you are a seasoned beauty pro then I’m sure you have smacked yourself in the forehead while you try to buy her newest products as they sell out in seconds. Kylie changed the game with her lip kits, these bad boys do. not. budge. it’s a miracle honestly. The product is so amazing in fact that I barely flinch when paying $29.00 for a lip kit. Which honestly isn’t too bad for the liquid lipstick and lip liner duo.

So I’m assuming you’ve seen that she just dropped 3 new velvet shades, and added more items to the Koko Kollection?? Well, I bought the strawberry cream velvet, and also the newly restocked metal color Dancer. I’m so excited to share with you guys. But while I’m (impatiently) waiting I decided to share with you the colors that I do have!

Over the holidays Kylie dropped the holiday box, and since I was feeling sorry for myself for having to miss the holidays away from my family for the first time (because Tomas and I are stationed in Europe) I splurged and bought the $290.00 box!

The box came with 10 lip colors, a beautiful kyshadow pallet, 3 cream shadows, a white eyeliner pencil, and a white eyeliner cream in ‘snow’ with a brush to go with it.

The 10 lip colors are:
Brown Sugar
Jolly Gloss
Candy K
Koko K
and Okurrr.

Apparently, I’ve misplaced one of these in my last move, so I can only swatch 9 of these for you guys. Angela was nice enough to swatch the two shades she has for you (moon and dirty peach.) And Sherica joined me for my swatch party so that you can see how the colors look on different skin tones! I’m SO excited about this because this is the first post on our blog that we have all collaborated on!

We hope you enjoy!

FullSizeRender (1)
From top to bottom: Vixen, Jolly, Merry, Naughty, Okurrr, Candy K, Angel, Brown Sugar, and Pumpkin. How amazing are these colors?!

unnamed (8)

Here are Angela’s swatches of Moon and Dirty Peach!

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