Shoe Haul

SHEWZ!! OMG!!! SHEWZ!! Lets get some SHEWZ!! Lets party!!!
Okay guys, lets talk SHEWZ!!
Ever since I can remember, shoes have been my first love. I’m sure most women will argue they have the same admiration but, I assure you they’d be wrong. In fact, when I first moved to Norway without any regard to how crappy the weather is at times. I was on the hunt for a shoe store that could feed my fetish at a moments notice. I found that Shoe Gallery feeds my dress/casual whereas Urban or InterSport feeds my sports/casual. When I go shopping even if I don’t need shoes, I hit up my favorite shoe stores first because I just have to see what’s new. When I meet new people the first thing I look at is their shoes. Anywhere I walk I’m looking at the shoes on a persons feet (pretty ridiculous right?). I feel like shoes tell a lot about a person the first being their sense of style, their mood or even what kind of day they may be having.

Really quick!! What makes a “great shoe”? Well, for me.
I’ve listed from most preferred to least. As you may notice, I put versatility and comfort together. This is because I think if you can and are willing to interchange a shoe across multiple outfits. It’s a must the shoe is comfortable enough to do so.

I got a chance to indulge over the past few months. Yes, I said “past few months”. That’s another crazy thing about me. When I find the perfect shoe, they absolutely cannot be worn until I have what I feel is the perfect outfit paired with the perfect outing. I have shoes that I haven’t worn simply because I just haven’t found the perfect ensemble or event to wear them to. I have issues, I know.

Anyway, lets get this thang popping.
First up we have a super sexy “sneaker” by Laura Bellariva. I’d never heard of this brand before moving to Norway. And, it looks more like a loafer to me. Purchased at Shoe Gallery. Made in Italy and of course because Italian shoe designers are so eclectic.

Shoe description: Tough sneaker Laura Bella Riva in black snakeskin embossed taliensk calfskin. Braided bast around the base provides an extra nice contrast to the black and white sole. The shoe is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Normal in size. Interior and exterior material: 100% calf leather. A sole 100% rubber.
Color: Black
Price: 2399 Nok approx. 285.00 USD

What I like most about this shoes is that it fits my “great shoe” list to a T. Just look at them!! So different and so classy.

How I would pair them.

Next up is a casual loafer by Prive. Another brand new to me. Purchased at Shoe Gallery Made in Spain

Shoe description: ESPADRILLES with lovely sequins. Insole in leather for comfort, comfortable, flexible rubber sole.
Color: Taupe/Gold
Price: 1299 Nok approx. 150.00 USD

This one checks out 100% on my “great shoe” list as well however, I am most intrigued by the ability of the sequins to transition from a matte taupe color to a shiny gold. I just love how it alternates.

How I would pair them.

Last is a Nike Air Huarache Run. Purchased at Urban. Made in China.

Shoe description: Trainer
Color: Oatmeal / binary blue / lava glow / black / white
Price: 1195 Nok approx. 140.00 USD

I love the comfort and the color way of this one. I would not train in this shoe. It is strictly for show. But, if I were walking to the bus stop and I happened to see the bus pulling up. Guess what? Ya girl can sprint and catch the bus in style!! Okay!!!

How I would pair them.

Whew! This concludes my shoe haul for today. Now tell me, if shoes really did give you insight about a person what do you think todays shoe haul picks would tell you about me???

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time!! XOXO


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