Beauty Haul

Guys… I. Am. So. Excited.

This beauty haul is EVERYTHING.

Number one…. MY KYLIE’S ARE HERE!!! Remember me talking about how excited I was for them to get here in my Don’t Believe Me Just Swatch (Kylie Holiday Collection) post?
I’m so pumped to try out the new Velvet in ‘Strawberry Cream’ and the Metal in ‘Dancer’

Second… This bubble clay mask has been ALL over facebook! I’ve been anxiously waiting for this one to ship from Amazon. I hear that it is a very itchy mask, so I’ll have to let you guys know about that one.

Third… The Soak Soak nose pack which I also got on Amazon… I’m excited about these because of the three step treatment, but not as excited because of how much pore strips hurt my poor little nose. haha.

Lastly, this artdeco eyeshadow in number 97. I’ve never heard of this cosmetic brand before but for the price ($5.00 for that little baby shadow) I’m hoping it’s amazing. I actually am going to do a DIY lipstick out of this eyeshadow that my hubby picked out and brought home for me today.

Tell me what you guys want to see me review first, I’m too excited to pick!

unnamed (48)


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