My Top Three Drugstore Foundations

Let’s be honest, I am a sucker for good drugstore makeup. It’s so hard for me to buy high-end products because momma is cheap. I am so glad that drugstore brands have come through with some of their products, especially the three foundations I am about to share with you. So if you’re a sucker for cheap and awesome quality, then just keep on reading. 😉

First off, I thought I’d let you guys know that I have a normal to dry face. I typically only get oily around my nose. So some of these foundations may not work for all of you guys.

Out of the three foundations that I have chosen to talk about, my favorite one is L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation. The description of this foundation claims that you can get 24hrs of wear, it’s lightweight and has a  medium coverage with a hydrating glow. It also states that its ideal for normal to dry skin. Are the claims true? In my opinion, I can vouch for it being lightweight as well as it being a medium coverage with a hydrating glow. I think the best application for this foundation is with a beauty blender. As soon as I am done applying this foundation, I am just so obsessed with how it looks. It gives my face such a beautiful glow which makes my skin look so healthy. This foundation is a medium coverage, but you can easily build it if needed. It wears well throughout the day. Usually, by the end of the day, everything is still looking good. The only problem I have is creasing around my nose. But no matter what I do to try to prevent creasing around my nose, I still always end up creasing. (So if anybody has any recommendations on what to do, then help a girl out!) I am obsessed with my skin being glowy so this foundation is very dear to my heart. I can honestly say that this a holy grail product for me. If you are looking for a foundation that will give you that dewy finish with a long wear time, then this foundation is for you!

My second go to foundation is Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation. The description of this foundation claims its medium to full-coverage, long-wearing, oil-free, and has SPF 20. It also states that its ideal for all skin types. When I want a more full coverage, with a more satin to matte look this is the foundation I grab. This foundation hides all my imperfections on my face, but still giving me a natural look. I think the best application for this foundation is with a beauty blender. However, if you’re in a hurry, then a brush will still give you a nice application. This foundation definitely gives me a full coverage look but never makes my skin look “cakey”. When I wear this foundation, it feels as if I am not even wearing makeup. Every time I wear this foundation, it makes my skin look absolutely flawless. There’s not one bad thing I can say about this foundation. You guys need to try this out, it will not disappoint!

The last foundation that I want to mention is the Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation.  The description of this foundation claims that it’s a long-lasting matte foundation, refines pores, and leaves a natural, seamless finish. It also states that  it is ideal for normal to oily skin. This foundation is kind of similar to the super stay better skin foundation, but I feel like this one doesn’t give you the same coverage. I would say this foundation is light to medium coverage. This foundation can be applied with both a beauty blender and a brush, both giving you the same look. It is lightweight. I wouldn’t say this is a super matte foundation. I think its more of satin finish, but this could be because I don’t have super oily skin.  This foundation blends into my face perfectly which gives me such a natural finish. I recently saw that there is a dewy + smooth foundation in this formula so I am going to have to give it a try. It could possibly replace this one because I love dewy foundations. I will have to do a product review on it! I recommend this foundation if you want a lightweight natural finish foundation.

I hope these mini reviews helped some of you guys out if you have been searching for a great drugstore foundation. Finding a good foundation can be a difficult task because there are so many different types out there. I’m glad that I found out about these foundations because they work great for me. Plus, they are reasonably priced which is the cherry on top.

What are some of your favorite drugstore foundations?


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