Barcelona Part 1: Tips 1-5

Hola Familia,

Welcome to part one of my Barcelona posts.

We have yet to post anything in the travel section of our blog so I’m going to take us back to last October when my husband took me to Barcelona for my birthday. I’m going to tell you the ins and the outs to make your trip as successful as possible!

#1. If you are staying in Barcelona and want to be near EVERYTHING (bars, souvenir shops, flamenco dancing, the cathedral, etc. ) then you should absolutely make sure you are staying on or are extremely close to “La Rambla.”

#2. Air BnB is your best bet when looking for lodging, especially if you are staying for more than 3 nights. We stayed in a studio apartment through Air BnB that I’m not going to recommend because the quality wasn’t great. Although it wasn’t great I was glad that we were so close to the action because you do A LOT of walking in Barcelona. There’s much to be seen and very little time to see it all. We stayed for 6 days and barely scratched the surface.

#3. Plan. Plan. Plan. There is so much to see!! Make a list of things you absolutely want to see and prioritize appropriately. The biggest mistake we made was not planning accordingly. We got swept away by the sangria for a majority of the trip. Pro tip: the sangria is unlike anything you’ve ever consumed. I promise that a pitcher can put you on the floor faster than you can say “Barcelona.” I’m not saying to stay clear by any means. Drink up!!! But make sure you get what you want to get done for the day finished before indulging!

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#4. DON’T SETTLE. If you go to a restaurant and you feel that they are overpriced. Leave. You shouldn’t have to pay more than 15 Euro for a pitcher of Sangria. If they try to charge you more. Leave. You can typically see the menu posted outside of the restaurant before you walk in. Sangria can be found at any restaurant so again don’t settle. Obviously, they are going to charge more if you are drinking right on the strip of La Rambla. Go to some corner streets to find cheaper prices.
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#5. We stumbled upon this accidentally. We decided on a Sunday to check out the famous Cathedral that is in walking distance from La Rambla. However, it is free to check out a majority of the museums after 3 pm on Sundays. Take advantage of this!!! Because we were unaware initially, we wasted a lot of time. I wanted to go to the Picasso Museum however they were closed by the time we made it, instead we checked out the Musea de Cultures del Mon which was a lot of fun! If we were to do it over again we would have gone to the Cathedral on a weekday in the morning for free entry and saved Sunday to strictly take advantage of the free admission to the museums.

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That’s all for today folks, look out for part 2 coming tomorrow!! I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much content all at once.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond directly and also add it to tomorrow’s post!!

Adios! ♥♥♥


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