Our One Month Anniversary!

Hey Guys,

How crazy is it that today is our one month anniversary of being active!!! I can’t even believe it. We have accomplished quite a bit in this first month that I want to share with you.

I want to make this a monthly post mainly to keep us focused. It is a good way to look and see the progress that we are making, but also it’s a great way for you guys to reach out to us and tell us what you’d like to see and to give us tips on how to grow. I hope this will turn into a little forum for all of us bloggers to motivate and encourage one another.

Here are our month one stats:

WordPress Followers/ Hits: 115/ 1945
Instagram Followers: 155
Facebook Followers: 56

We started out with only WordPress and Instagram initially and just recently incorporated Facebook into the mix maybe two weeks ago. I’m pretty impressed with how many followers we’ve gotten in those short 2 weeks. It seems like with Facebook and Instagram both, we started up pretty quickly getting followers and what not, but then it plateaued and we’re stuck at the same numbers. Do you guys have any advice for us to get the ball rolling again?

We want to thank you again, for being part of our journey and for all of the motivation to keep writing and posting. All of your sweet comments this past month have helped us tremendously with finding our voices and publishing what we think is great content.

It can only get better from here


Do you guys have any tips or suggestions for us, or have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment.

Love always,
Kiersten, Sherica, and Angela


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