What’s In My Makeup Bag Today?

Hey guys,

I know I’ve talked about it before but buying makeup in Norway is SO insanely expensive. Remember when I went on that little haul and did the conversions for you? ((Small) Beauty Haul)  I’ve been struggling lately because 95% of my makeup is back in Maryland (as well as my clothes, furniture, and everything else.) I was hoping that we could have had it shipped to Norway by now… but it’s not looking like I’ll see any of my things until October and I really can’t justify spending the money on cosmetics here.

I’m going to show you guys what I’ve been using lately and let you know what I’ve been liking and what needs to go.

unnamed (66).jpg

To start off you should always moisturize your face. I’ve been using Lancome’s Visionnaire Correcting cream which I love. It has great coverage and feels really nice on my skin which was looking pretty dry a few weeks back.

To prime, I’ve been using Maybelline Master Prime for redness control. I honestly can not see a difference when using this product. The formula is very runny and doesn’t have any pigment that would help with the redness. This is a total pass, however, I’m still using it because I paid for it, and some primer is better than no primer.

For foundation, I’ve been using Younique’s Touch Liquid Foundation with that really cute Urban Decay brush the is next to it. I used to LOVE this foundation, but lately, it hasn’t been meeting my expectations. Maybe it’s because I ran out of the concealer from the same company, but it is really lacking in coverage and doesn’t hide any redness or blemishes.

To conceal I’ve been using Maybelline Lumi Concealer, I like this concealer but I definitely don’t love it. It gives decent coverage but I don’t feel that it hides my under eye darkness as well as other concealers that I’ve used. My favorite concealer is It Cosmetics “Bye Bye Under Eye.”

After Concealing I set my face with Maybelline Master Fix Setting and Perfecting Powder. I really do like this powder, it applies easily and does a good job setting the foundation and brightening the face.

To contour I’ve been using Urban Decay’s Naked Illuminated trio. I love how pigmented the bronzer is, I feel like it blends out very well. The highlighter that it comes with is not as pigmented so I tend to lean more towards my Revolution Makeup Highlighter. The blush is very shimmery so I sometimes use that as a nice light pink highlight depending on what makeup look I’m going for.


On to eyes, To prep my eyelids I use Urban Decay Primer Potion which I love. It has very nice coverage and does a great job hiding the lines. I also love that this primer doesn’t crease like a lot of other eye primers tend to.

I am fresh out of liquid eyeliner which means no winged liner for me for a little bit. But I do still have my Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel 24 Hour liner. I’m a big fan of this liner, I’m not sure that it lasts 24 hours but it does get me through the day nicely.

I’ve been using Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky Pallet for my eyeshadow lately. Like all of Urban Decay’s Naked Pallets, this one doesn’t disappoint. The shadows are pigmented and there are a variety of colors to complete your look.

I just ran out of my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara which is why it is not shown here. But, that is my all time favorite mascara. I actually don’t have any other mascaras here in Norway, so that is definitely something I will have to buy online because, in my opinion, you can’t have a great makeup look without mascara. It really just pulls the look together.

To set the whole look I’ve been using L’oreal’s Infallible fixing mist. I really like this product, it smells really nice which surprised me and it does a great job keeping the look together. If you do buy this product make sure that your phone and glasses are away from the area, it will leave a residue on your objects that make them feel powdery and kind of gross.

I hope you can take something from this little review. I’ll leave product links so you guys can check them out. Let me know if you guys have any favorites that I need to check out. I love hearing your opinions.


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