Hey, guys,

I’m finally getting around to posting my thoughts on the Tarte Clay Stick Foundation. Sorry that it’s taken so long, but I had to wear it a couple of times to give you the best review I can. So let’s jump right into this review.

Claims of this foundation:  It’s a 12-hour wear, creamy clay foundation stick that delivers weightless, natural-looking coverage and nutrients. Clay Stick Foundation is a buildable, powder-to-liquid formula that melts into your skin for medium-to-full coverage, leaving a natural finish that looks and feels just like your own skin. Micro-encapsulated powders then burst with your body heat to keep you shine- and cake-free.

Are the claims true on my skin?

First, let’s start off with the application of this foundation. The first time I used this foundation I blended it in with a beauty blender, which I don’t recommend. It was very difficult to blend it in. So I had to switch to a brush. I instantly saw the difference between using a brush and a beauty blender. The brush blended the foundation much easier. Using the brush also allowed more coverage and a seamless application.

Let’s talk about the finish of this foundation. Right after I finished the application, my face was glowing. So I would definitely say that it’s a dewy finish, which I love of course. Although it appears dewy, the foundation wasn’t sticky or wet feeling like some dewy foundations are.  However, the dewy finish did disappeared once I started applying my bronzer/blush which is typical. I didn’t have to set my entire face though because of the powder-to-liquid formula. I was very pleased by that.

Lastly, the wear of this foundation looked great on my skin. It looked like it was just my skin, rather than a cake of makeup. It didn’t break up any where on my face. By the end of the day it still looked like it did when I first applied.

If I were to rate this foundation out of 10, then I would give it a solid 7. This foundation was not one of my favorites, but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve used. I definitely have used different foundations that I have enjoyed more. I think this foundation would be more ideal for someone who has more of an oily face.

I would also like to mention the shade I got was light-medium neutral. I wasn’t sure which shade would work for me so I just guessed. This shade didn’t match me when I initially applied it on my skin. It was very yellow, but somehow after I applied the rest of my face it matched perfectly. So I am not sure how that happened, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well it matched.

Well guys, that’s my review of the Tarte Clay Stick Foundation. I hope this will be helpful for you guys if you decide you want to try this out. Just keep in mind that every foundation will work differently with your skin type. If any of you guys have tried this foundation, then be sure to let me know how you like it! 

Here’s a little snippet of me applying this foundation! I just got a camera for my birthday so I was experimenting with it so bare with me. I have never done this before. ENJOY!



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