If you guys do not have a monthly beauty subscriptions yet, then what are you doing with your lives! There are many different ones out there so some of you may not have heard of Boxycharm. My very first beauty subscription was Ipsy. I thought when I was receiving my Ipsy subscription that it was the best thing coming to me. I was so anxious for new beauty products to try out. However, the only downfall with Ipsy is that you only get sample products and 2 full sized products. So I slowly became uninterested with my monthly bag.

Thankfully, my friend told me that I should try out the Boxycharm subscription. I was a little hesitant because this monthly subscription is $21 dollars a month, compared to Ipsy which is $10 a month. But, I saw a few of her boxes that she had received and I knew that I would be satisfied with the products included. So I took the plunge and started the subscription. I prefer Boxycharm because all of their products are FULL SIZE. Not only are they full-size products, but the price of these are basically cut in half or even more.  I’ve been subscribed to Boxycharm for a few months now and I haven’t been disappointed with a box yet. Anyways, enough rambling about why I enjoy this subscription. Let’s get into the good stuff. The products of this months Boxycharm!

The first product I got in my box was an eyeshadow palette by RealHer. This product originally retails for $28.00.

FullSizeRender (11)IMG_1005

The second product was 3 sheet masks by Biobelle Cosmetics. These retail for $14.97.

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

The third product was the Diamond Glow Powder by Artist Couture. This retails for $26.99


The fourth product was a long lasting liquid lipstick in the color Santa Ana by Ofra Cosmetics. This product retails for $19.90


Lastly, the fifth product I received was a pro precision tapered face brush by Luxie Beauty which retails for $24.00.

FullSizeRender (13)

Overall, the total price of this months box retailed for $113.86 total.  So please tell me how this isn’t the best deal you’ve ever seen. I only paid $21 dollars for five products that would have cost me $113 dollars. I am telling you, that you need to get on this bandwagon. It will not disappoint!  If you’re a beauty lover and want to have a special treat every month, then start up with a monthly subscription to Boxycharm right now!

Which product in this month was your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments! ♥



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