Too Faced & Kat Von D Better Together Palette

Hey Y’all,

So I asked you guys on Instagram (if you aren’t following our handle is @milsos_and_makeup) if you wanted me to swatch the “Better Together” Too Faced x Kat Von D palette and you guys were super pumped about it.

Before I get into the swatches, I’m gonna let you in on a little (huge) secret… I got this $65.00 palette for $12.00. I’ve been wanting to do a segment on knock off beauty palettes for awhile now and have recently bought a bunch of products on Wish and eBay to show you guys. This was the first to come in and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, so let’s hope the others come in together because obviously, I lack willpower.

Take a look at this palette, and tell me I didn’t win the jackpot.

Here is the initial package after removing the several layers of bubble wrap:
FullSizeRender (3)
When you take the palette out of the box it looks like this:
FullSizeRender (4)
The two halves of the hearts are magnetized, which is how they stick together.IMG_7882
This is the Too Faced portion of the palette:
FullSizeRender (6)
I love how natural and pretty these colors are, and if you look at the packaging, it is absolutely flawless. It looks identical to the real palette.

Here is the Kat Von D part:
FullSizeRender (5)

Again, the packaging is flawless, and the colors are perfect for a dark eye!

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here are the swatches:
I prefer to take my pictures in natural lighting, but in all honesty, these photos don’t do the swatches justice. These colors were so pigmented and beautiful, you honestly would never be able to tell that this was a $12 palette.


This product did not come with the Eyeliner and Mascara that typically comes with the bundle, which was a little bit disappointing. But I still made out so well with this palette from Fingers crossed that the other knock offs that I ordered are this amazing also.

What do you guys think about this product??


5 thoughts on “Too Faced & Kat Von D Better Together Palette

  1. femmerewritten says:

    The colors are super pigmented which is something I always love. Definitely have to try this collab product out. Thanks for sharing this review! I never would’ve known about this! Following your blog to keep up with your future posts!
    Stop by sometime my space sometime?
    Mena |✨


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