Hey guys! Let’s talk about the girl who started it all for me, Jaclyn Hill. She was the very first YouTube beauty guru that I started watching, I fell absolutely in love with her and her makeup skills. Now, because of her, I have an obsession with makeup. So, of course, I had to support my girl and buy her new palette. I am sure all of you have seen or heard about this palette by now. I would definitely say that this is probably the most talked about palette this month. Ever since she started talking about releasing her own palette, I couldn’t wait to see what she has created. When I saw the reveal of the palette, my eyes lit up because of how beautiful it was. But when I saw her start swatching the shadows, my heart literally skipped a beat. The pigment of these shadows are unlike anything that I have seen before. So if you guys haven’t seen the swatches of this palette yet, then let me have the pleasure of showing you.

FullSizeRender (16)

IMG_1055image (3)image (1)image (2)IMG_1073IMG_1077This palette is currently sold out, but there will be a restock. It retails for only $38 dollars for 35 different shades. THAT’S SOOOO AFFORDABLE. Plus, you can use the code “JACATTACK” to save 10%. I would 100% say that this is a must buy palette because the colors would look great on anyone and the shadows are everything you want in a shadow. I am so excited to dig in this palette and do a makeup look with it!

Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed it!



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