Today’s post is going to be about the Send Me More Nudes collection by Kylie Cosmetics. I have swatches and my opinion for you all so if you want to see, then just keep on reading! 

When Kylie posted her new summer collection, Vacation, on her Snapchat, I wanted it all. However, I’m cheap and didn’t buy anything. But my heart longed for it. Mainly for the Send Me More Nudes liquid lipsticks. Thankfully, I have the bestest friend ever and she surprised me with it! She also demanded that I do a post about them so here we are. Anyways, I’m so excited that I own these now because I’m a sucker for nude lipsticks. It’s a nice addition to all my other nude lippies. Let’s be honest though, can a girl have too many nudes? Of course not.

This collection retails for 45 buckaroos. It comes with four velvet liquid lipsticks: Naked which is a sandy beige, Birthday Suit which is a nude warm beige, Commando which is a terracotta beige, and Bare which is a nude pinky beige. Now lets talk about which shades are my favorite and which shades I am not too sure about yet. The first two shades look identical on my lips which are Naked and Birthday Suit. These are the two shades I am not too sure about yet. In person, they looked like I applied makeup over them. However, in the video, they do not appear that way. I think I just need to get used to the more pale/beige nudes. I usually shoot more for pinky nudes so that is why Commando and Bare are my faves. I have never tried out Kylie’s velvet lipsticks before this. I thought the wear of them were comfortable and they didn’t feel drying on my lips. However, when I wore Naked, it did make my lips crusty after a while. Disclaimer though, I have trouble wearing all liquid lipsticks because they all crust in the middle of my lips. Overall, I am very happy with these liquid lipsticks. Whenever I am in search of a perfect nude to wear, then I will definitely be using one of these shades. If you love nudes as much as me, then this collection is for you!

FullSizeRender (18).jpg

Here’s a video of me swatching them on my lips with a little bit of feedback on what I think of them: 

Thank you guys so much for reading my post! Please be sure to give it a like and follow if you’re not already. 😉



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