Anastasia Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit For Only $12.00 OMG

Hey, Y’all!

Remember when I told you guys about my beauty steal when I bought the Too Faced & Kat Von D Better Together Palette ? Well, another one of my cheap palettes came in this past week! This one was from eBay, the Anastasia Nicole Guerriero Palette!!

Here is the sleeve which looks IDENTICAL to the real deal. Color and all, at least from what I’ve seen online from YouTube tutorials. Sometimes I really question if these palettes are fake or not, due to how identical they are to the real deal. It also leads me to believe we are getting seriously ripped off paying $40.00 on Sephora for a palette that I got on eBay for $12.00

This is the inside of the palette, it looks a little bit darker because of the lighting, but check out that shimmer!

Here is the first column of swatches: From right to left, Day Dream, Forever Young, and Kitty Kat. I’m OBSESSED with the rose gold look of Day Dream!

The next column from left to right: Forever Lit, Glo Getter, and 143. I was really surprised at how vibrant and pigmented the white shade “Forever Lit” was. It’s sometimes difficult to get good color out of a white colored highlight.

I took some pictures off of Google so that we can compare my swatches to people who have swatched to “real palette”


As you can see, the colors on the fake palette are a little bit darker and surprisingly less pigmented. Even though the “fake” palette is ridiculously pigmented. I love the colors on the fake palette, but I would probably only use most of them as eyeshadow colors instead of a highlight. I do however think that this palette would be amazing for people who have darker skin tones, it would be such a great pop of color. I was also surprised that the fake palette produced so much shimmer, most of the pictures of these fake palettes had really taupey and dull colors. I think this was a beauty steal! For $12.00 I’m not complaining in the slightest!!

What do you guys think of my steal? Do you like these fake palette posts, I have 3 more coming so let me know if you want to keep seeing these kinds of posts! 🙂

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!


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