Get Your Game Face On

Hey guys,

I wanted to take a minute and tell you about these saving grace face wipes that I’ve recently acquired… you all know that I love to share the wealth when I find amazing new products!

These facial wipes from Game Face have honestly saved my life lately. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately so I haven’t made it to the gym in awhile (don’t judge me haha,) but the few times I’ve gone I have used these facial wipes after jumping out of the sauna. They are SO refreshing, I have even been using them on plane rides just for a quick refresh on those 12-hour flights when you feel grimy and dirty.

I received the “cleansing facial wipes” from Game Face. They came in a pack of 25 and smell citrusy, at first sniff I thought that they were too strongly scented but you’ll be glad that they’re so overpowering when you’re in the gym and need that boost of freshness. I was surprised at how large the wipes are, they measure 11″ x 7″ which is much larger than the average face wipe for women. You can see below the size of the wipe compared to an Iphone6. The wipe is HUGE!


These wipes also take my makeup off like a boss, so maybe the company should look into making a women’s line with more floral scents because my husband won’t stop stealing mine. These wipes can be found at Walmart, GNC, as well as ( for only $7.99 which is a total steal! I’m just about out of my “cleansing” pack and want to try the “cooling” pack next so I will let you guys know how those perform! I have a feeling that they’ll be my go-to in this summer heat. I also saw on the website that they will be coming out with Acne Facial Wipes soon which is going to be great for those of you that get sweat acne from the gym. These wipes are a win in my opinion, I can’t wait to see what else this company comes out with. Let me know if you guys end up trying them out, I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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