Sephora Paris Mini Haul

Hey babes, The past week I’ve been on vacation! I went to Paris and Amsterdam, it was lovely. I vlogged my trips, so I’ll share them with you when they’re edited. While in Paris I stopped in the mall and ran into a Sephora just to take a peek. My husband decided to spoil me however, and bought me a few items that I’ve never seen before. Here’s what I got:This item surprised me because I had no idea that Benefit made a skin care line. I don’t know if it’s new and I just missed it, but in all honesty, it’s AMAZING. This had just the right level of abrasiveness, it made my skin feel so smooth. It also smelled refreshing, which was a total plus. While we’re talking about benefit skin care, I also snagged the “it’s potent” eye cream. Just like the first product, this one did not disappoint. I noticed results after just one night of using this cream, which is rare with an eye cream. This was the product that I was most excited about, because hello, it’s basically fall so you have to stock up on pumpkin products. But also, because gold face masks just make me feel so glam! I loved this mask also, I used this after washing my face with the facial polish and I honestly don’t think my skin has felt so baby smooth in a long time. This was the only disappointment in this haul. I love a good pore strip, but this one for one barely took out any blackheads. Half of the strip was left on both mine and my husbands nose leaving a gross black residue. For the cost, it was NOT worth it. I warned you guys that this was a mini haul, but as you know, shopping at Sephora is no joke. Like you kinda don’t want to look at your bank account afterwards. What’s your favorite product that you’ve purchased recently? Let me know in the comments ♥️


2 thoughts on “Sephora Paris Mini Haul

  1. stashy says:

    That Too Cool for School Pumpkin mask looks so interesting! Does it really have gold in it?! 😮
    Sucks that Sephora pore strips were useless.
    I’m impressed you didn’t go crazy shopping at Sephora!


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