Our Favorite Eye Creams!

Hey friends!

I ran across an article on reviews.com that listed all of the very BEST eye creams and broke them down into categories for wrinkles, fine lines, darkness etc. It’s the most extensive list that I’ve ever seen. It even broke down (in layman’s) terms the molecular compounds that make eye creams work! How awesome is that?! You can find the article HERE. Let us know if your daily eye cream is on this list, and how you like it so we can test them out!

This list inspired me to write and tell you MY favorite eye cream, but I figured that you didn’t want just one opinion so I asked around to see what eye creams my friends and family use. I was astonished upon learning that out of the ten people I asked, only one person uses eye cream. Most people claimed that they didn’t know what kind to use so they just didn’t bother to ever incorporate it into their daily routine. Obviously, I forwarded them the article listed above, because I feel like we all need our tried and true eye creams to get through life.

But onto MY favorite eye cream:
I talked about this in my last haul post (Sephora Paris Mini Haul) I came across benefit’s skincare line and decided to try out their it’s potent! dark circle eye cream, it’s a little more expensive than what I would typically buy (coming in at $34 USD.) However, it was absolutely worth it. I have never been so impressed with an eye cream! It is hydrating, with a light scent which is very refreshing, and supposedly pairs well with concealer. I’ve been using it at night though, so I have not tested this theory. If you have, let me know how it worked for you! 🙂

I can’t wait to hear about your experience with eye creams and what you thought of the article!


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