Hey guys!!! It’s been a hot minute… So a little update is probably required:
I am back in the states (Maryland) until March. My husband has been deployed for a month now, and I’ve been a hot mess!! I didn’t want to stay in Norway alone for the holidays so I decided to come back to Maryland and be with my family. My mom and I have started a little craft business selling all sorts of cool stuff if you wanna check it out here’s the Facebook link. if you like our page shoot me a Facebook message and I’ll give you 10% off of your first order. I’ve started classes again so I’ve been super busy with making all of the products and keeping up with school.

Today I’ve been productive though, I uploaded a new video on my YouTube ( it’s a house tour of my home in Norway. I also finally took my butt to Ulta to redeem my birthday gift (my birthday was the 21st, ya girl just turned 23!!) So let me get down to the real reason behind this post…

Ulta has the Anastasia Contour Palettes marked down 50% today!!!!! The $40 palette is now $20…. Plus if you look online you can find a 20% off coupon that will bring the palette to $16….. UMMMM y’all need to start running. PLUS with the purchase they give you a free mini lippie (mine was in the color Vintage, picture below) AND a sample of the brow pomade in all 4 colors. I. Am. Shook. I also bought the Urban Decay up all night setting spray which came to $25 with my 20% off coupon ANDDDD last but not least, my birthday gift was the it cosmetics superhero mascara that retails at $12. Fo free is fo me.

I want to go redeem my Sephora birthday gift tomorrow and check out the fenty line. So look out for another post, but here are the products I got today:

Get ready to hear more from me, I promise that I’ll be posting more now!


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