The Millenial’s Guide to Changing the World

Alison Lea Sher killed the game with this book, it was one of those books that you really just don’t know how much you need until it falls into your lap. Her writing style is raw and inspiring. I mean honestly, life is hard, but your twenties are harder. I’ve been living the struggle for quite a few months now, feeling out of place, misunderstood, alone, and just downright worthless at times. Sher’s book made me feel like I wasn’t actually alone. It helped me see that I’m allowed to have this time to not have life figured out, but it also helped me realize that I can’t unpack and live in this state either. This book is a must-read, not just for millennials but for the other generations who could use a real insight into the mind of us crazy millennials. You can find her book on Amazon
( or ) and if you love it or if you can recommend some new books for me to check out, I would love if you’d leave it in a comment below.

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