Hello fellow readers,
You’ve come to the right blog if you are like me, and love all things beauty. I’m willingly able to admit that I am addicted to makeup; it’s no longer an obsession. Therefore, I need to inform others of all the amazing beauty products that I’m addicted to as well as to the ones that I am currently obsessing over.
Nowadays there are so many different beauty brands out there so I would be more than glad to share with you guys what I am loving. However, there’s more, I would love to take you guys on my journey of being a military spouse. I mean there’s not much of a difference between non-military spouses, but I would love to share the differences that I experience with you. Being a military spouse creates a lot of new experiences so I hope you will join this fun-filled, crazy adventure that life will take us.
A little more about me. My name is Angela O’Dell, I’m 21 years old. I am currently living in Maryland where my husband and I are stationed. I am originally from a small town in Missouri. In fact, the population is roughly 1500, so everyone knows everyone. This small town gave me the best thing in my life which is my husband. Resulting in us getting married and beginning a whole new life in Maryland.
Now that you are now familiar with me, I can’t wait to begin this journey. I’m ready to begin to share all things beauty, plus all the experiences that I will encounter with you. I hope you guys will stick around for the long haul.
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